Self Love
Unconditional Se;f Love, the book
What It Is, Why It's Important, and How to Nurture It in Your Life
Message Card Deck:
Card decks for self-love, self-care
A collection of 50 art images by Rita Loyd with messages of unconditional self-love on the back of each card (card size 2.5 x 3.5). Packaged in a purple lavender organza bag.

Rita Loyd, watercolor artist
Welcome to my website! Here you will find a nurturing place to visit when you need a gentle reminder to unconditionally love yourself. (Something we all need!) In my Art Gallery, you will find over 100 paintings and affirmations that speak about the journey in search of self-love and the healing that is there to be found. Take some time to reflect upon your favorite images and see what messages they have to offer.

In my store you will find a selection of healing tools that will help you nurture unconditional self-love in your daily life. I offer my book, greeting card line, prayer flags, and my unconditional self-love message card deck. As well as my free therapeutic line drawings and free video, entitled In Search of Self-Love, located in the exercise section.

Warmly, Rita Loyd