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Unconditional Self-Love:

What It Is, Why It's Important, and How to Nurture It in Your Life

by Rita Loyd

Inside you will find four sections. In section one, I tell the story of how I became an artist of healing art and how the creative process taught me to unconditionally love myself. In section two, I share all that I have learned about unconditional self-love including what the difference is between ego-based self-love and spirit-based self-love. In section three, you’ll find a colorful collection of my art and affirmations. And in section four, there are ten therapeutic exercises that will help you to incorporate unconditional self-love into every aspect of your life (204 pages).

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frontmatter "Praise for Rita Loyds Art and Writing"part 1 text "My Journey Begins"

book figure, painting "Moment of Peace" book figure, painting "Pathways"