Rita Loyd’s Various Accomplishments:

Created ~ Unconditional Self-love Message Cards. (April 2013)

Art and affirmations featured monthly in Natural Awakenings Magazine in the Tennessee Valley and Birmingham, AL.(April 2011-December 2012)

Wrote and Self-published Book ”Unconditional Self-Love: What It Is, Why It’s Important and How to Nurture It In Your life.” ( September 2010.)

Artwork featured in Deepak Chopra’s newsletter in February 2009

Created ~ therapeutic Line Drawings used in art therapy settings. Donated to over 300 non-profits organizations around the world. (2007.)

Wrote and produced ~ DVD entitled In search of self-love. (2006.)

Licensed artwork to Impact Catalog to manufacture 11×14 giclee prints of 18 images. (2002-present.)

Created ~ Nurturing Art Greeting Card Line. (1999.)

Artwork has appeared on over 90 Magazine Covers  in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Art Exhibits. See below.

Published articles by and about Rita. See Below.


Art Exhibitions with Artist Reception:

Sixteen Main Art Gallery, Fund Raising Event for Hope Place Shelter,

Madison, Alabama, September 30, 2010,

Art Gallery Owner: Cindy Sensenberger

Back in Touch Wellness Center,

Nashville, Tennessee, July 23, 2008,

Wellness Center Owner: Luther and Susan Ludwig

Atrium Art Gallery at Madison County Library,

Huntsville, Alabama, October 7, 2004,

Art Director: Sophia Young

Spa Moksha, The Center For Mind Body Medicine,

Birmingham, Alabama, June 29, 2002,

Spa Owner: Dr. Amrik Walia

Herbert C. Young Community Center, Fund Raising Event for Interact & Center for Hope,

Cary, North Carolina, October 12, 2001,

Sponsored by Interact and Center for Hope

Peaceful Spirit Wellness Center,

Huntsville, Alabama, December 2, 2000,

Owner: Angelah Hart

Huntsville Art League Art Gallery,

Huntsville, Alabama, Nov. 14, 1999,

Director: Sallie Estes

Other Art Exhibits:

Crisis Services of North Alabama,

Huntsville, Alabama, January 2011- present

Executive Director: Janet Gabel

Mill Villa Art Gallery at Lowe Mill,

Huntsville, Alabama, February – April, 2010,

Owners: Jackie Miller and Susan Parks

Richard Showers Recreation Center, Domestic Violence Conference,

Huntsville, Alabama, October 2009,

Organized by: Barbara Dorsett

Oakwood College, Domestic Violence Vigil,

Huntsville, Alabama, October 2009

Organized by: Crisis Center of North Alabama

A & M University, Domestic Violence Vigil,

Huntsville, Alabama, October 2007

Organized by: Crisis Center of North Alabama

Art Gallery at Unity Christ Center,

Alpharetta, Georgia, September, 2003,

Art Director: Kathryn Michalski

Panoply Outdoor Festival of the Arts,

Huntsville, Alabama, Last weekend of April 2000 and 2001,

Sponsored by the Huntsville Arts Council

Searle’s Center, Duke University Medical Center, Fund Raising Event

Durham, North Carolina, September 29, 2001,

Sponsored by The Bridges Point Foundation in partnership with the Martin Luther King Jr. Task Force of Cary North Carolina

Diversity Out Art Gallery,

Atlanta, Georgia, June – December 1999,

Director: Wyanne Coker Thompson


Book Cover Art by Rita Loyd:

A baseline Study on Torture in Sri Lanka, written by the Asian Human Rights Commission, 2008

Mother Blessing, written by Anna Stewart, 2005

Connection to Love, written by Martin O’Connor, 2004

Self Discovery: from Pain to Purpose, written by Lisa Williams, 2002

A Circle of Friends, written by Lisa Williams, 2001


Magazine Cover Art by Rita Loyd:

(Here is a small sample of over 95 magazine covers)

Care Advantage Magazine, National, published by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, January 2012 Issue

Holistic Health Networker, Central Pennsylvania, Winter 2010-11

Horizons, Florida, September 2010 and November 2010

Spirit Seeker, Kansas City, Missouri, April 2009 and March 2009

Balanced Life, Central and Northern California, Feb/March 2008

Heartland Healing, Omaha, Nebraska, Nov/Dec 2009

Holistic Health Networker, Central Pennsylvania, Winter 2007/08

Holistic Resource, North Eastern States, February 2008

Voice of Choices, Maui, Hawaii, January 2008

Mountain Connection, Colorado, May 2008

Natural Awakenings, Portland, Oregon, September 2007


Magazine and Newspaper Articles written about Rita Loyd and her Art:

Care Advantage Magazine, United States, January 2012, Giving Care, by Carol Steinburg

Natural Awakenings Magazine, Tennessee Valley, December 2011, The Art of Self Healing, by Marie Walz

Madison Spirit, Front Page, Madison, Alabama, September 29, 2010, Helping domestic violence victims, by Greg L. Parker

Huntsville Times, Life section, Huntsville, Alabama, March 21, 2005, Rita Loyd: Healing through art, by Rita Monteiro

The Good Life, Huntsville, Alabama, August 2002, A tribute to Rita Loyd, by Susan Sullivan

Birmingham News, Lifestyles section, June 27, 2002, Illness led artist to ‘healing art’ painting series, by Kathy Seale

The News and Observer, Life section, Cary, North Carolina, October 17, 2001, Night for hope and healing, by Meg Daniels


Magazine Articles written by Rita Loyd:

Pure Inspiration Magazine, United States, Winter 2008-09, Growing in love through the creative process, by Rita Loyd

Holistic Health Networker Magazine, Central Pennsylvania, Winter 2007/08, Self Love: It isn’t selfish, by Rita Loyd

Rainbow News, New Zealand and Australia, October 2007, 20 steps to peaceful caring, by Rita Loyd

Voice of Choices Magazine, Seattle, Maui and Sedona, April 2007, Self-love, by Rita Loyd

New Connections Magazine, Pacific North West, May/June 2007, I love myself: steps to nurture self-love, by Rita Loyd

Door Opener Magazine, Connecticut, Fall 2007, How art became by teacher, healer and friend: steps to nurture self-love, by Rita Loyd

Aspire Magazine, North East, June/July 2007, Self-love, by Rita Loyd

Whole Living Journal, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept./Oct. 2007, 12 steps for nurturing self-love, by Rita Loyd

Spirit in the Smokies Magazine, Ashville, North Carolina, April 2007, Creativity in Healing: finding self-love, by  Rita Loyd

Natural Awakenings Magazine, Low Country, South Carolina, May 2007, Steps to nurture self-love, by Rita Loyd

Indigo Sun Magazine, Texas, April 2007 and May 2007, Embrace all that you are with love, Part 1 and Part 2, by Rita Loyd

Horizons Magazine, Florida, July 2007, Steps to nurture self-love, by Rita Loyd

Natural Awakenings Magazine, Portland, Oregon, September 2007, How art became my teacher, healer and friend, by Rita Loyd

Rainbow News Magazine, New Zealand and Australia, June/July 2007, Steps to nurture self-love, by Rita Loyd

Natural Awakenings, Boston, Massachusetts, September 2005, Artist Rita Loyd’s story, by Rita Loyd

Vision magazine, San Diego, California, October 2004, Featured visionary Artist, by Rita Loyd