Rita Loyd is a professional water-color artist and writer. The message of her work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love.

Rita began to paint in 1996 as a way to cope with chronic illness and depression. As she continued to paint through the years the creative process became her teacher, healer and friend guiding her to find the true meaning of self-love. Rita writes about this experience and more in her new book Unconditional Self-Love: What It Is, Why It’s Important and How to Nurture It in Your Life.

Rita’s art has been exhibited in art galleries, gift shops, art festivals and community events. Her business, Nurturing Art, produces greeting cards, books, art prints and a DVD and now an unconditional self-love message card deck. Rita’s writing and story have been published in magazines in the U.S. and in New Zealand. Her artwork has been featured on over 100  magazine covers including science of mind magazine, march 2016.

Rita has also created a set of therapeutic line drawings that are used worldwide in non-profit centers to help treat survivors of rape and domestic violence.

Rita lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with her husband, Jody.