Grounding and Protecting ~ New Painting by Rita Loyd

Grounding and Protecting My Spirit by Rita Loyd

Grounding and Protecting My Spirit by Rita Loyd

This painting depicts the five step exercise that I practice for grounding, healing and protecting my spirit. (Numbers 3,4,5 are basic well known grounding exercises. Number 1 and 2 are exercises that I have created.)
1. Woman calling her full spirit back into her body.
2. Woman placing a blanket of earth around her body for protection and healing.
3. Woman grounding her energy into the earth through her feet.
4. Woman receiving nurturing energy from the earth through her feet.
5. Woman placing a bubble of protection around her.

You can see the expanded version of this exercise below.

I created this set of exercises as a way to feel more grounded before going over to care for my mom who has Alzheimer’s disease.



Optional: Drink spiralina or other green drink. Drink in the nutrients of the earth.

After a night of dreaming or when you are thinking too much, it can leave you feeling ungrounded as if your spirit has risen partly out of your body. Here are some exercises that can help you feel more grounded.

Exercise # 1. Belly breathes.
Take three slow and deep belly breaths to begin to relax.

Affirm: “I am bringing my full spirit back into my body.”

Exercise # 2. Extend body awareness.
Rub your skin all over, starting at your feet, to become aware of the boundary of your body and to awaken your awareness of your body’s space. When we think too much we can feel that our head or thoughts are all that we are, so extending your energy out into your body gives you more space to live in and a greater sense of being grounded.

Exercise # 3. Muscle Massage.
Massage all the muscles in your body to help you relax and to connect with your body: Head, neck, back, arms, hips, legs and feet. Feel your body and welcome your body.

Affirm: “Hello Body. Thank you for all that you do. You are beautiful and I appreciate you. I send loving thoughts to all my internal organs and to all my body systems- respiratory, digestive, vascular, immune, nervous system, reproductive, skeletal, endocrine, muscular, etc.”

Exercise # 4. Put your spirit back into your body.
Visualize pulling your spirit back into your body through your head and then sweeping it down, all the way to your feet. Sweep several times. And then fill your lower body with your spirit beginning with your toes. (Imagine your spirit is the consistency of tissue paper that you can scrunch down.) Fill your feet, ankles, legs, hips, tummy, back, chest, shoulders, neck, arm and head with your whole spirit. As you are filling up the spaces, you may also want to alternate with more downward sweeping of your spirit. Do this if you feel that part of your spirit is still hovering above you. When you are finished packing your spirit back into your body simulate the closing of a lid on top of your head to to secure your spirit solidly in your body.

Exercise # 5. The blanket of Earth.
Visualize a blanket of earth wrapped around your head and body with your face peaking out. FEEL the nutrients of the soil absorbing into your body through your skin, giving your body all that it needs to heal the systems and organs of your body especially the nervous system. The bottom of this blanket extends miles outward in front of you, behind you and to each side of you. This blanket is a barrier that protects you from the stress of the outside world. Breath in this protection. Feel its nourishment.

Exercise # 6. Growing roots.
Visualize grounding your energy into the earth through your feet. Let your feet grow roots and sink them into the earth as you sinc your energy with the rhythm of the earth.

Exercise # 7. Sap Rising.
Visualize the earth’s energy rising into your body through your feet like sap rises from the trunk of a tree to its branches and leaves. Feel the life force of the earth rising inside of you, giving you renewed energy.

Exercise # 8. Bubble protection.Part 1
Visualize putting yourself into a permeable, protective, beautiful, healing bubble. Feel light and love being added to this bubble. Let the light and love embrace you. Inhale the light and love as you would a delicious scent or a refreshing breeze on a hot day. The top of the bubble is to the top of your extended arms and fingers and this dimension extends all around you. This bubble shields you from the negative energy of others but lets in everything that is good.

Exercise # 9. Bubble protection.Part 2
Visualize putting protective bubbles around all the people you will spend time with today. Then visualize light and love being added into their bubbles and see them receive this light and love with a deep inhale as if they are smelling something delicious or feeling a refreshing breeze on a hot day. See the light and love embrace them, giving them the love and relief they so need.

Exercise # 10. Vacuum Cleaner.
Visualize vacuuming out the space that you plan to enter. Vacuum out the spaces between the bubbles making the area you will enter a more neutral energy space. Vacuum out the entire building and then
visualize the doors and windows opening, letting in the light and beauty of life .

Affirm: I am grounded and protected. I am ready for this day. I separate my energy from the energy of others. I do not take on their suffering. I release all heavy emotions in my heart. I am filled with love and light. I take the earth’s grounding energy with me where ever I go and I can call upon mother earth to ground me whenever I need.

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