Clearing negative energy and placing protection ~ New painting by Rita Loyd

"Clearing negative energy and placing protection" by Rita Loyd ©  2014

“Clearing negative energy and placing protection” by Rita Loyd © 2014

This painting represents an exercise that I do before going into a space that may contain negative energy such as overwhelming sadness, fear or anxiety. First, I like to visualize everyone’s energy, including my own, being contained inside our own protective, peaceful bubbles of space.Then I like to vacuum out the negative energy between the bubbles so that the space feels more neutral and pleasant. Next, I visualize the doors and windows opening, letting in the positive light and beauty of life. In this painting I also include a sage stick, for a chimney, to help clear out any remaining negative energy. And beneath this building I place a foundation of loving and grounding roots symbolizing that love is the foundation in which this building stands.






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