Self-hate ~ New Painting by Rita Loyd

self-hate by Rita Loyd ©  2013

self-hate by Rita Loyd © 2013


Abuse, neglect and negativity from others can create self-hate within us when we interpret their words and actions as something we deserve. And then, if those messages are not corrected, we learn to speak and treat ourselves in the same way. We learn to hurt ourselves. We learn to neglect what we need. We learn to speak negatively to ourselves. We learn to treat ourselves unfairly. But the truth is…those messages came from an ignorant and unloving place. Those messages came from a source that was overwhelmed with life and could only react in a negative and hurtful way. When we can see this truth, that the dark shadows in others were never meant to define our worth, it EMPOWERS us to create our own truth. One that is not limited by ignorance and hate but one that reflects out infinite potential and the miracle of life that we all are.
~ Rita Loyd


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